Sustainability is More Than a Target – It’s in our DNA

Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond simply providing advanced lightweight components for next-generation vehicle programs. Every one of our production facilities worldwide is ISO 14001 certified, demonstrating our commitment to an environmental management system that recycles fluids and materials used in production, processing and packaging.

Material Reduction & Recyclability is Built Into Our Operations

In addition to the use of secondary and recycled materials in our products, we are also committed to in-plant recycling of coolants and fluids used in all of our production processes. Our product management systems are completely paperless and generate no landfill waste. In addition, we are driving our operations to zero paper packaging and disposable production materials.

A Fully Efficient Infrastructure to Reduce Waste

Automated controls for lighting, heating and cooling at our facilities reduce the unnecessary use of energy resources. Production processes and technologies are continuously improved to operate more efficiently, cleanly and use less energy – resulting in less waste and more sustainable solutions.

Zero Emission Vehicles are Here

Our lightweight aluminum components provide the strength and weight reduction necessary for supporting the next generation of hybrid and electric vehicles. Aluminum is also one of the most recyclable materials available, with nearly 75% of the aluminum ever produced still in use today.