Product Engineering Expertise in Lightweight, High-Strength Hollow Structures

Hollow casting technology facilitates making an already lightweight aluminum casting into an even lighter and – in most cases stronger – part. Our engineers are highly experienced in applying traditional isocure sand cores or 3D additive sand cores to create ultra-lightweight low pressure aluminum castings for many applications including safety-critical chassis parts.

High Volume and Low Volume Market Introduction Solutions

Today’s market requires a full service solutions provider to be flexible and agile in product deployment to meet the needs of both traditional OEM customers as well as new OEMs to the market. At Mobex Global we not only are deploying flexible traditional casting and CNC machining processes, but also working with the latest additive technologies to create more options for both prototype and low volume production options. This facilitates low tooling costs and rapid part turnaround as well as facilitates new complex, high-function casting structures that can eliminate creation of dozens of traditional fabricated components.

This technology has applications in sub structures and safety-citical chassis knuckles, control arms and brackets.

Midsize Global SUV Solution

Challenge – A leading OEM wished to replace a steel control arm on a popular midsize SUV model with a highly-engineered hollow aluminum casting. This part is on a global platform with production in North America as well as Asia Pacific countries.

Solution – Mobex Global utilized both its casting and machining expertise to develop these complex control arms with 200 design iterations and 4 rounds of development.

Result – Mobex Global successfully designed a lighter control arm and was able to engineer out an extra kilogram of weight for this global program. This is also the first program launched at Mobex’s new joint venture foundry in China.

“The arm looks like a work of art. Great work to everyone and I’m looking forward to having you guys make lots of these arms.”

Chassis Supervisor