Crafting the Future of Mobility

Our team of product and manufacturing engineers are driving technology built on our strong manufacturing expertise on a daily basis to be the solutions leader for emerging products and processes. Mobex Global is well-positioned in both automotive as well as non-automotive and agricultural markets to be a solutions leader into the future.

Deploying Additive Technology Applications to Further Product Functionality

Mobex Global is positioned to provide the highest technology solutions and fastest prototype turn-around utilizing the latest Industry 4.0 additive solutions for both tooling and part production. Our knowledge and network in additive solutions allows our team to offer the most complete and high-value solutions utilizing not only the best technology but also to incorporate the advanced technologies offered by our partners.

BEV Case Study

Challenge – A complex, heavy trailing arm was slated to be produced in iron for a new light truck BEV. The design by the OEM’s engineering department was feasible but would have weighed more than 66 lbs. (30 kg).

Solution – Using a customer-centric development approach, Mobex Global used its technical capabilities to create an optimized casted and machined preliminary model based off of the OEM’s design data.

Result – The revised part resulted in a weight reduction of 53% and led to a significant win for Mobex Global on this future vehicle program.

“When I think of Mobex, I think of our [midsize SUV] control arm. They are a group of people I feel are passionate about what they do -- and are good at it -- and that’s what you need in a supplier.”

Product Development Engineer of Suspension, Frames and Mounts
Automotive Manufacturer

Products are Propulsion Agnostic

Mobex Global’s product portfolio is not impacted by the introduction of either Advanced Driver Assisted Systems (“ADAS”) or Battery Electric Vehicles (“BEV”)